Conference Hall

capacity of 25 to 30 people


Jamuna Hall


As pure, clean and beautiful as the ancient holy river Jamuna, Jamuna hall is a beautifully integrated part of HRA and QFR bar, serving as a multi-function event hall with a seating capacity for approximately 200 people. The venue also provides a large stage, for live performances, speeches and/or organized programs. As a responsible social venue, we have portraits of legendary Nepalese icons like Narayan Gopal, L.P. Devkota, Nepathya Band etc. The hall is separated by glass windows, making for an unparalleled terrace and dinning location, with a capacity of 25 people. This is one of our premium locales and as such, it's important to make reservations quickly, as the seats tend to fill quickly. A vintage atmosphere of Nepali sports photography, makes this venue memorable and unique.


Maya Garden


The garden of love, Maya Garden is located on the fourth floor of the building with an equal size to that of QFR-Bar and Jamuna Hall. With an open sky-view terrace, the stars & moon are but a glance away. Imagine dancing the night away, under the stars and with the Annapurna range illuminated by moonlight and you'll get an idea of what our experience provides. We also have a beverage bar, with large Pagodas built in to house five lush and unique Villas, which are surrounded by rare Nepali plants. Our rooftop garden is a small version of Raniban where one can easily get lost within the natural serenity.


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